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You may not want to be limited to the possibilities offered by classical tours to visit Istanbul. The private guide and vehicle tour helps you to tour Istanbul with a personal driver and a private tour guide. You decide what you want to see. You can go anywhere you want with a comfortable journey.

The itinerary is determined entirely by you. You can benefit from the pick-up service depending on where you stay. The advantage of setting off with a private guide and vehicle is that you can make the most of all the time available. It is comfortable and ideal for seeing the best places in Istanbul.


The private guide and vehicle tour offers you a 7-hour personal tour experience. You will always have a private tour guide to assist you. Ideal for those who do not like tours with fixed routes. You can quickly go anywhere you want to go in Istanbul. But it's a good idea to decide on destinations ahead of time.

● Blue Mosque: It is a place that was built in 1616. It has been used as a place of worship ever since. It was made to be as majestic as the Hagia Sophia. It has a vast courtyard and completes the silhouette of Istanbul in the best way with its minarets.

● Topkapi Palace: It is among the most important palaces of the Ottomans. For a long time, it was used as the residence of the dynasty. The palace is part of a large complex. There are places such as treasury, harem, and armory. Some exceptional places inside the palace are not allowed to enter.

● Hagia Sophia: In the first period of its construction, it is the most important place of worship in the world. It is among the best-preserved structures after the Ottomans besieged and captured the city. The Ottomans converted it from a church to a mosque. Later it was turned into a museum.

● Dolmabahce Palace: It was built in a style that reflects the wealth of Europe. It was completed before the collapse of the Ottomans and was home to the rulers. It is a building that reflects its magnificence in the best way with its giant crystal chandeliers and stairs made of marble.

● Hippodrome: It is the center of sports entertainment during the Byzantine period. It hosted races with large cars. The old route is now used as Sultanahmet Square. Also, there are different historical buildings and monuments nearby.

● Spice Bazaar: It is where you find almost anything that adds flavor to the food. It draws you in with its musk-like scent. It is full of shops selling different products such as teas, herbs, and peppers. It is one of the places you will want to see on your visit to Istanbul.

● Galata Tower: It is the most important symbol of the Genoese presence in Istanbul. It allows you to see the oldest settlements of Istanbul comfortably. The most important thing is that it views the Golden Horn. It is an ideal place for those who enjoy panoramic views.

The places you can visit in Istanbul are not limited to these. You can tour the old city with a proper tour. You have the chance to see Basilica Cistern, Grand Bazaar, Chora Museum, Golden Horn, and much more. With the Bosphorus cruise, you will have the opportunity to see the unique beauties of the Bosphorus and take photos.

What is included?

Thanks to this tour, you can see every place you want in Istanbul. You do not have to wander around the fixed areas offered by the classical tours. A professional tour guide will accompany you throughout the tour. You will have the chance to go anywhere you want with a minivan driven by a private driver.

● Hotel pick-up at the start and drop-off at the end

● Professional and experienced private tour guide

● Kind and experienced private driver in transporting passengers

● Covers gas and parking costs for the minivan

Pick-up info: Hotel pick-up at the start of the tour is valid in certain areas. Please contact us to learn more about the pick-up possibilities offered. When checking the places you want to go, you should check whether they are open on the day of the reservation. Thus, you can reach the right places without wasting time.

What to expect?

This tour carries the features that you have determined entirely. A private tour guide and private driver will accompany you. You travel in a private car. You decide where you want to go. Your guide will give you the most appropriate information. If you have difficulty determining your route, you can get support from the tour guide.

Your private tour guide ensures that you make the most of your time. You will have information about every area you visit. Also, you will collect memories you can never forget about your time in Istanbul. A private guide and vehicle tour is an exceptional tour option. It tries to make your visit to Istanbul unique.

Additional info for Private Guide and Vehicle

The private guide and vehicle tour is different from classical tours. You have the freedom to choose where you want to go. You don't have to stick to specific routes. You should pay attention to how many passengers will be covered within the scope of the tour and try to make an appropriate decision.

● Additional information may be requested from you for confirmation during the reservation process.

● The hotel details and contact information you provide while participating in the tour must be correct.

● If you want us to pick you up from a different location other than the designated hotel, you may have to pay an extra fee.

● Not all destinations are wheelchair accessible in this private tour.

● Some palaces and museums are closed on certain days, so you should choose alternatives.

● The standard plan is valid for 3 passengers, and if there will be more than 3 passengers, an additional fee will be charged.

The private guide and vehicle tour option will please everyone fond of comfort. If you want to cancel your reservation and get a full refund, you must have completed the transactions at least 24 hours in advance. You can get more information about cancellation and refund by contacting Istanbul Voyage Travel.



Tour Depart: 09:00 pm

Tour Finish: 16:30 pm


Tour Itinerary

This will be an 7-hour-long private tour with your personal tour guide & driver in Istanbul.

It is the best solution if you would like to explore Istanbul your own way.

If you don't like to be too organized and dependent on fixed itineraries then read on. You can book a private tour of Istanbul using one of our air-conditioned minivans with a professional licensed guide.

We can arrange a driver from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm so you can go wherever you like in Istanbul.


The itinerary will be fully flexible.

Our driver knows every corner of the city and our professional guide will give you detailed information about places that you want to visit.

This is true flexibility, this is freedom! You choose what to see and how long to stay there.

We pick you up from the port / your hotel. You may also keep your luggage in your car.

We recommend visiting :

   - St. Sophia (Haghia Sophia)

   - Hippodrome

   - Blue Mosque

   - Topakapi Palace

   - Underground Cistern

   - Dolmabache Palace

   - Rumeli Fortress

   - Chora Chora Museum

   - Modern Mosque

   - Egyptian Spice Market

   - Grand Covered Bazaar

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