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Ephesus is considered one of the world's largest and most important ancient sites. In its heyday, it became the second most valuable city in the world. The Romans kept their power tremendously thanks to Ephesus. In Ephesus, you can see many artifacts, including the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Ephesus tours that you consider to spare your time will never regret you. You can discover a lot in this city where different important names visited and left their mark in ancient times. Everyone, from the mighty Roman emperors to those critical of the Christian faith, made various contributions to the city.

Memorize the ancient city with Ephesus daily tours

It is not right to expect all tours to Ephesus to be of the same quality. You should choose a tour that will bring you together with all the essential points of Ephesus. Visiting the Ancient City of Ephesus, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, should be your first priority. Then you can head towards other routes.

Walk the city streets where names like Saint John and Saint Paul lived. Reach the Great Theatre of Ephesus, considered one of the largest ancient theaters in the world. Have your camera ready when you arrive at Celsus Library. Explore value sites such as the Temple of Hadrian, Agora, and Terrace Houses.

Secure your spot for the Ephesus tour

Istanbul Voyage Travel offers you different Ephesus tours. You can choose one of the full-day, half-day, and multi-day tours. You can go on a short-term exploration of Ephesus with Day trips. If you listen carefully to the tour guide who will help you, you can enjoy your Ephesus tour.

At Istanbul Voyage Travel, we provide you with all the information you need to prepare for a tour. You decide how much of your day you want to spend on the tour. We guide you in the best way so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your day trip. We create our Ephesus tours by considering the expectations of the visitors.

Valuable highlights of Ephesus

Ephesus is home to an incredible number of different ancient ruins. Having an experienced guide with you is crucial when you want to explore Ephesus. Thus, you will be able to learn the history of the critical place in the ancient city.

There are different starting points for those who want to join the Ephesus tour. You should make appropriate choices about what you want to be included in the tours you participate in. While exploring the pearls of Ephesus, you should not neglect to reach the critical places close to it.

The magnificent fountain of Ephesus

The Fountain of Trajan was built next to the Temple of Hadrian monument. The inscription on the fountain indicates the date it was made. It can also be found in the memo that the fountain was built in honor of Emperor Trajan. Considering the other two fountains in Ephesus, it is thought to be the most magnificent.

There were two ornamental pools behind and in front of the fountain. The fountain clearly conveyed the message that the world was at the feet of the emperor. A stone was placed under the foot of the emperor to support this. Only the pedestal and one of the legs of the statue have survived.

One of the seven wonders of the ancient world

The Temple of Artemis is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Artemis is depicted as a figure with a temple crown on her head. Artemis was known as the protector of the city. Whoever came to the city from the outside would see the temple first. In this respect, it is seen as one of the most essential structures of Ephesus.

Most of the temple's remains have been moved to the British Museum in London. If you want to see the finds unearthed during the excavations, you should go to the British Museum, not Ephesus. In Ephesus, you can only see one of the columns belonging to the temple and the remains of the area where the temple is located.

The oldest active Anatolian mosque

Isa Bey Mosque is one of the oldest actively used mosques in Turkey. It reflects the architectural structures of Anatolian mosques in the best way. Stones brought from the ruins of Ephesus were used in the mosque's construction. It was built by Isa Bey in 1375 and restored in 1970 and 2005.

The decoration of the western facade of the work was made in the Seljuk style. The decorations on the right side are very different. Architecturally, the mosque is the most important representative of the transition from the Seljuk architectural approach to the Ottoman architectural approach.

The traces of the early Christianity era

After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Saint John came to Ephesus, taking the Virgin Mary with him. He wrote and completed The Gospel of John here. He preferred to live in Selcuk until the end of his life. He also wanted to be buried in Ayasuluk Hill in Selcuk, which he found very peaceful.

The Basilica of Saint John was built during the Byzantine period. The building was constructed as a church for the first time, but it suffered significant damage due to the earthquake. Thereupon, Emperor Justinian had the building converted into a more enormous basilica. The tomb of Saint John is located under the central dome.

The temple of the great Roman dynasty

One of the greatest dynasties of the Romans is known as the Flavian. The Flavian dynasty ruled the empire with the Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian triad. The Temple of the Sebastoi is the first structure dedicated to the emperors. However, not much remains from the temple.

When you visit Ephesus, you can see the foundation of the temple. The northern end of the temple was slightly higher than the rest. You had to use the stairs to get there. It is possible to see the remains of the stairs in question even today. Also, in addition to the temple, you can see Domitian Square.

What is outstanding in daily Ephesus tours?

You should choose the right time of the year to visit Ephesus. You can join tours from Kusadasi. Also, you can reach Ephesus from Istanbul and even take a day trip from Istanbul. There will be many places you will want to see in Ephesus. You will want to spend some of your time here.

  • Temple of Hadrian: Temple of Hadrian is an essential place for Ephesus. It is more like a monument and much smaller than other ones. There are inscribes belonging to various emperors on the front of the temple's porch.
  • Public Latrine: Public Latrine is located next to the Temple of Hadrian. It was built as part of Scholastica Baths. The lavatory has a drainage system underneath. The toilets in the lavatory are still visible but unusable.
  • Library of Celsus: Library of Celsus is the most popular place for Ephesus. It is a monument that many people take photos of as a memory. This library also houses the tomb of Celsus, but it is forbidden to enter the cellar.
  • Sirince Village: Sirince is a tiny village with a long history. It is a few kilometers from Ephesus. People who come to the village encounter an idyllic and lush environment accompanied by traditional houses.
  • Bath of Varius: The House of the Virgin Mary is an important place for Christians. It is where Jesus Christ's mother, Virgin Mary, spent her last days. For this reason, it attracts thousands of visitors every year.
  • House of the Virgin Mary: The House of the Virgin Mary is an important place for Christians. It is where Jesus Christ's mother, Virgin Mary, spent her last days. For this reason, it attracts thousands of visitors every year.

What kind of tour you want to choose when you visit Ephesus is entirely up to you. Private Ephesus tours can be a choice. You can select small group tours instead of private tours. Also, you can join a tour from Izmir when you use the sea route. If you come by air, you can join a tour from Istanbul.