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Ephesus is considered one of the most remarkable ancient cities in Turkey and the world. It has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. It is within the borders of Izmir, one of the most popular cities in Turkey. As a settlement, it is very close to the town of Selcuk.

Ephesus has been an important city in almost every slice of ancient history. During the Roman period, it reached its brightest state. It was considered the second largest city by the Romans. Since the people were more wealthy than in other cities, they preferred to reflect their wealth on the buildings.

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You can join the tours organized to see all the beauties of Ephesus. If you prefer package tours, you will encounter different advantages. You can explore the most important places of Turkey, including Ephesus, by joining a tour that will allow you to spend every day in a different region.

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Excavations still continue in Ephesus

If you have visited Ephesus recently, you may want to see it again. Because the excavations in the ancient city continue. New discoveries are made every year, and important old achievements are presented to the exhibition after they are taken to the indoor museum.

When you come to Ephesus, the Library of Celsus, The Amphitheater, and The Temple of Artemis will be the structures that will attract your attention the most. However, those in Ephesus are not limited to these. You will not miss even the smallest detail if you participate in a tour from Istanbul Voyage Travel.

Most important pearls of Ephesus

Ephesus has important historical ruins. This is because it is much better preserved than other ancient cities. When you reach Ephesus, you will not only encounter ancient ruins. You can also see holy sites such as the Seven Sleepers, the House of the Virgin Mary, and the Basilica of Saint John.

After visiting the ancient city, you can go to the Ephesus museum, which you can reach in a short time. At the same time, you can go to Ayasuluk Fortress and explore the castle that protects the city from essential attacks. Isa Bey Mosque is one of the most valuable structures in the Islamic style.

The library that has been faithfully restored

The Library of Celsus is among the most essential structures of Ephesus. The facade of the library has been reconstructed following the original. In addition, appropriate additions were made. The library is vital because it was one of the three most extensive libraries in the Roman period.

The library was built in the name of Celsus, the empire's governor. Celsus covers all the expenses for the construction of the library from his own wealth. Also, the tomb of Celsus is in a coffin under the library. The casket was turned into a mausoleum by Celsus' son.

The largest ancient amphitheater

The theater in Ephesus is considered the most extensive ancient arena in the world. The theater has a capacity of 25,000 and is quite impressive. Although in the beginning, the theater area was used for different tasks. It was a place that hosted gladiator fights in the later periods of the Romans.

The most significant contribution to the making of the theater came from Emperor Claudius. During his reign, the theater was greatly expanded. It reached its final form during the reign of Emperor Trajan. The theater is the most critical work built in the Hellenistic period and was successfully converted by Roman architects.

The small roofed theater

The Odeon is a theater built by Publius Vedius Antoninus, believed to be one of the wealthiest people in Ephesus and his wife. The theater has a small roof and is considered one of the most unique architectural structures of the ancient period. The Odeon has hosted various events, such as games and events.

The structure of The Odeon theater is small and has a seating capacity of 1,500 people. It has columns made of red granite. It has been determined that the theater has a total of five entrances. Some of the stage and seating areas have been restored following the original.

The vital temple resembles a monument

The Temple of Hadrian actually resembles a monument. It is one of the best-preserved structures in Ephesus. It was built to celebrate the arrival of Emperor Hadrian when he wanted to visit Ephesus. When you pay attention to the front of the building, you can instantly distinguish it from other structures in Ephesus.

The Temple of Hadrian is a building rebuilt by Emperor Theodosius. It is also considered one of the ancient structures successfully renovated recently. The statues and friezes in the temple were moved to the Ephesus Museum. In their place, copies similar to the originals were placed.

The temple dedicated to the Flavian dynasty

The Temple of the Sebastoi was built for the Flavian dynasty, which had an important place in the Roman Empire. Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian are the names that became emperors from this dynasty. The most important aspect of the Flavian dynasty was that they carried out financial reform for the empire to survive.

The Temple of the Sebastoi is also known as the Temple of Domitian. It was the largest temple in the city when it was built. Although it was initially dedicated to Domitian, it was later dedicated to his father, Vespasian. When you visit Ephesus, you have the chance to see the stairs of this temple.

What is important in Ephesus package tours?

Ephesus day tours can meet your different needs. You can join a group tour or opt for a private tour. Also, you can join a full day tour if a few hours of daily tours are not enough. Each tour will allow you to visit the ancient city of Ephesus and learn about the ancient world.

  • Shore Excursions: Ephesus is one of the most important places for shore excursions. When you join this tour, you may also have the chance to meet authentic Turkish cuisine.
  • Celsus Library: The Library of Celsus is one place where people visit Ephesus most want to have their photos taken. It is one of the three most significant libraries in the world in ancient times, preserving more than 12,000 scrolls.
  • Marble Street: Marble streets are the most striking aspect of Ephesus. When you stroll through the ancient city's streets, you can imagine that the Romans walked these streets years ago. Then you can find essential structures.
  • Port Izmir: You may want to use the sea route to reach Ephesus. In this case, you can join a tour from Izmir for your day trip. This will be the starting point of your adventure to visit Ephesus and other vital places.
  • Port Kusadasi: For those who want to use the sea route, the alternative port is Kusadasi Cruise Port. Many Ephesus tours may require you to reach here. Then you can visit the Temple of Artemis and Ephesus itself.
  • Sirince Village: Sirince is a village located on the hills of Selcuk. The village dates back to the ancient Byzantine Greeks. It is one of the best Aegean destinations to see traditional houses.

If you want to visit Ephesus and learn the information you will not forget, it is crucial to choose a suitable tour. Any tour can take you to Ephesus, but finding a tour that will guide you in the right way is not easy. If a tour includes an affordable price, tour guide, and other commitments, you can trust it.